Donate to BeCause today to provide underprivileged and distressed communities around the world with access to psychotherapy support during these challenging times. 

... providing creative & therapeutic psychological

support to distressed communities
around the world


Bringing together a powerful blend of psychotherapy practice supported by art process, here we design, create and provide therapeutic treatment at no cost, to distressed communities world wide. 

We are dedicated to this because we believe no human should be without therapeutic support. Sadly though, it is usually communities who have experienced the most tragic and distressing circumstances that do not have the funding or resources for professional therapy services.  

As such, BeCause programs are offered to benevolent organisations and disadvantaged communities world wide, to help better support mental and emotional well-being. 

BeCause …

Sneaker Mural

every human deserves to feel the relief that comes with being heard, feeling  connected, and seeing their value within this world

BeCause, therapy & art together making change