... when we experience
art as medicine, we see.
When we share this
experience, we see more.


When the Butterfly Effect launched the BeCause Movement, brave and inquiring souls also came together to use art process as a means of exploring their personal story, and experiencing the way art can healthily shift how the story is felt and told.


Experienced in the context of personal life
journey, art practice enables the individual to create new connections between situations, mental responses, and behaviours. As such, by encouraging art practice in response to life’s challenges, therapists repeatedly see a shift in client's feelings from “uncertainty”, “insecurity”, “vulnerability”, “lost”, “isolation” and “shame, to the creation of new mental responses and behaviours centered on “perseverance”, “clarity”. “appreciation”, “connection”, “commitment” and “empowerment”.



In 2020, BeCause will be launching two new campaigns focused on the sharing of art's medicinal benefits globally.

BeCAUSE...BUTTERFLY STORIES  - invites communities from around the world, to create their own butterfly mural (from small to large in size) and share their process and outcomes.


BeCAUSE...CONVERSATIONS IN ART      - creates the space for individuals and communities to explore, and most importantly share, how art process has created a new meaning of their life stories - past, present and beyond.


Just BeCause you're not in Sydney does not mean you can't experience and share the healing power of art.  BeCause helps global groups from as small as 5 to as big as you like, to make mosaic butterflies and create a beautiful public art piece.

You will need to have a wall that is in a public area (it can be as small as 1 metre), paint the background of that wall (a simple splash of colour or a more complex design if you have the talent in your tribe), and we will send "BeCause" branded content and mosaics Butterfly Templates to show that this work is part of an art and mental heath movement


BeCause...Conversations in Art

BeCause Movement People
BeCause Movement People

BeCause Movement People
BeCause Movement People

BeCause Movement People
BeCause Movement People

BeCause Movement People
BeCause Movement People


We're calling on individuals from all around the world, to share their story about how art has changed their life and health for the better. In asking this, do not be frightened by the label of "an artist". Though many artists know too well the medicinal benefits of art practice beyond the final creation, what we really

 want to hear are stories about the benefits of making art  in everyday life. From painting to pottery and sculpting, photography, drawing, sewing, cooking, gardeing, singing,  mosaics...whatever your art form, tell us how creativity is helping your emotional life, your well being and associated  behaviours? Through a short video or written statement or even

a picture, click below to share your conversation re: creation to show just how art is making change.