...providing therapy resources that nurture health, confidence, inclusion & healing

The BeCause Movement is an Australian NFP that provides free, therapeutic intervention resources to distressed and suffering communities around the world. Collaborating with psychologists, psychotherapists  therapist, academics, artists and humanitarian experts, BeCause designs and distributes trauma therapy videos, webinars and workshops where they are needed most.


Advocating the increased adoption of social prescription as a relevant and valid treatment for mental health issues, all BeCause resources are founded on communal and creative platforms. As such, BeCause Movement is also able to contribute to research findings on the medicinal effects of art practice.

BeCause resources are focused on three areas of support:


  1. ESSENTIAL THERAPY SUPPORT: Videos, webinars and workshops designed to address immediate mental health issues in individuals using psychotherapy and subtle creative technique such as journaling or collaging. 

  2. COMMUNITY RE-CREATION: Disadvantaged community counseling workshops centered on art creation. These workshops centre on the creation of a large-scale mural by the participants which not only beautifies surroundings, but uses the mural as a public voice to their experience.

  3. FACILITATOR ESSENTIAL SUPPORT: Videos / Webinars designed to support under resources therapist / counselors working in distressed communities. These are training focused and specific to therapists, but can be used to speedily, and cost-effectively build up techniques and resources to support mass services.