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the miracle tree

Rich gifts lie in those obstacles and challenges that we have moved through, and sharing these can make a positive difference not just to your well-being, but to many, many others.

Although we may not be aware of it, we each have access to words, messages and images which can heal, all to be found inside the challenges we have faced. In accessing and sharing these, we can also gift them on to support another.

The Miracle tree has been designed to allow for these gifts of support to be discovered and shared - a collaborative initiative created by Mandala Art & BeCause Movement, with the participation of Beyond Blue’s, lived and living experience community Blue Voices.


What the project looks like. The pilot project participants are invited to go on a narrative journey to discover their healing gifts from their own lived experiences. From this journey a message will be created that they wish to share with an anonymous other. These messages will then be captured on a mosaic leaf (with the message inscribed on the back), and come together to form a large, beautiful mosaic tree - our Miracle Tree. 

The Miracle Tree will then be donated and planted in a public space where people in need of support can use the messages inscribed on the back of these mosaic leaves to help them along their journey. This support received by an anonymous other will be captured and shared back to the original participants to demonstrate the 360 nature of healing.

Through feedback from participants, this initiative will also add valuable new data demonstrating the effectiveness of art process in supporting mental health and well-being.

But we need your help

Our Miracle Tree will not be able to come to life without your tax deductible Donations - the money raised will contribute to the materials, the research and the installation of the trees.​




Supported by Beyond Blue's Blue Voices community, this project will contribute a valuable dialogue to creative practice in support of mental health. Feedback before, during and after the creation process of the Mosaic Leaves by Blue Voices Participants will form the basis of exploring the efficacy of the expressive arts in mental health.  

Help our Miracle Tree grow by making a tax deductible donation specifically for this project:

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