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... everyone deserves access to therapy, support and healing.

Your donations and philanthropic funding are used to create videos, webinars and workshop content, which can be used by humanitarian agencies to provide mental health relief and counseling to traumatised and suffering communities.


These resources are built in three stages:

  • STAGE 1: Bringing together the expertise of academics, therapists and humanitarians, to design counseling / therapy structures based on core topics such as disregulation, distress tolerance, etc.

  • STAGE 2: Creation of core video, webinar or workshop 

  • STAGE 3: Based on application from agency, customisation of material to needs of their distressed community and selection of materials needed. During this phase the content is adjusted to prevent trauma triggers and to ensure understandability (i.e. translation etc), and resources such as art materials are sourced. ​

Image by Grzegorz Rakowski
Image by Syed Aoun Abbas

The types of content that organisations can select from BeCause include;


ESSENTIAL THERAPY SUPPORT: These resources are for distressed communities and aim to address specific mental health issues through psychotherapy and subtle creative technique such as journaling or collaging. These resources can be used in groups, individually or one-on-one between community-workers and individuals. 


DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITY RE-CREATION: These are specific workshops designed for larger disadvantaged community groups to come together around a therapy-focused topic,
and use their session’s work to create a public art mural. Leveraging social prescription and art practice, these workshops not only help individuals feel heard, included and improve confidence, but also create larger community conversations around mental health.  


FACILITATOR / THERAPIST SUPPORT: These videos are designed specifically for distressed community workers, counselors and/or therapists that need educational resources around specific topics, or for training material within their organisations.

To apply for BeCause therapeutic resource material, please use the below 

Donate to BeCause today to bring the relief of psychotherapy to those who truly need it 
during these challenging times. 

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